laurie e. gries
Program for Writing & Rhetoric and the Department of Communication 
University of Colorado-Boulder 
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Doctor of Philosophy, Composition and Cultural Rhetoric, 
Syracuse University, Summer 2010

Master of Arts, Teaching/ Emphasis in English Education, The University of Montana, Fall 2004

Bachelor of Arts, English/Emphasis in Creative Writing, The University of Montana, Spring 1998

academic appointments

University of Colorado-Boulder, Fall 2015-present
Assistant Professor, Program of Writing and Rhetoric/Department of Communication

University of Florida, Fall 2010 – Spring 2015 
Assistant Professor, Department of English

Affiliate of Center for Women's Studies and Gender Research

The Writing Program, Syracuse University
Teaching Assistant/Associate, 2006-2010
Teaching Coordinator, 2007-2008

English Department, The University of Montana
Adjunct Writing Instructor, 2003 – 2006
In-service Coordinator, Montana Writing Project, 2003 – 2006
Teaching Assistant, 2002 – 2003 

Managing Editor, enculturation: A Journal of Rhetoric, Writing, and Culture. Spring 2015 - present 


Still Life with Rhetoric: A New Materialist Approach for Visual Rhetorics. Utah State University Press, 2015. 
--Winner of 2016 Advancement of Knowledge Award from CCCC
--Winner of 2016 Research Impact Award from CCCC 

Circulation, Rhetoric, and Writing. Co-edited with Collin Brooke. Forthcoming with Utah State University Press. 

"Mapping Obama Hope: A Data Visualization Project for Visual Rhetorics. Kairos:  A Journal of Rhetoric, Technology, and Pedagogy 21.2. 2017. Webtext.

"Obama Zombies, Politics, and Rhetorical (Dis)Identifications. ImageText: Special Issue on Monsters in the Margins. 8.1. 2015.

"Iconographic Tracking: A Digital Research Method for Visual Rhetoric and Circulation Studies. Computers and Composition. 30.4 (December). 2013.

“An Inconvenient Tool.”
 Co-authored with Collin Brooke. Composition Studies. 38.1. (Spring). 2010.

---Reprinted in Best Writing From Independent Composition and Rhetoric Journals: 2010. Parlor Press, 2011.

“Octalog III.” Co-authored with Lois Agnew et al. Rhetoric Review 30.2, 2011.  

“New Materialisms, Networks, and Humanities Research.” Co-authored with Jennifer Bay, Derek Mueller, and Nathaniel RiversNetworked Humanities: From Within and Without the University. Eds. Jeff Rice and Brian McNely. Parlor Press, Forthcoming.

"On Rhetorical Becoming." Rhetoric through Everyday Things. Eds. Scot Barnett and Casey Boyle. University of Alabama Press, 2016.  

"Dingrhetoriks." Thinking with Bruno Latour in Rhetoric and Composition. Eds. Nathaniel Rivers and Paul Lynch. Southern-Illinois University Press, 2015.

 “Agential Matters: “Tumbleweed, Women-pens, Citizen-hope, and Rhetorical Actancy.” Ecology, Writing, Theory, and New Media: Writing Ecology. Ed. Sidney Dobrin. Routledge, 2011.

“Practicing Methods in Ancient Cultural Rhetorics: Un-Covering Rhetorical Action In Moche Burial Rituals.A Brief History of Rhetoric in the Americas: 3113 BCE to 2012 CE. Eds. Damian Baca and Victor Villanueva. Palgrave-Macmillan, 2009.

"Emerging Methods of Visual Rhetoric." JAC. 29.2, 2009.


"An Advocated for Rhetoric and Writing at the Academy: An Interview with James Porter." Composition Forum. Spring 2016. 

“Social Media, Digital Humanities, and Community Activism.” MediaCommons
March 2016.

"The Things We Study." A Guest Blog Post for University Press of Colorado. July 2015. 


(Edited Collection)
Doing Digital Visual Studies: One Image, Multiple Methodologies. Co-edited with Aaron Beveridge and Blake Hallinan. 

(Digital Archive)
"The Obama Hope Digital Archive." This digital archive will curate a large collection of pictures in which Obama Hope has surfaced since the 2008 Presidential election. 

(Invited Forum Response)
"In Defense of Rhetoric, Plants, and New Materialism." Rhetoric Society Quarterly. 

(Invited Book review)
Review of The Public Image: Photography and Civic Spectatorship by Robert Hariman and John Lucaites. 

" A Name in the Sky: Logos, Murder Maps, and the Fight against Police Brutality." Under review.


"Iconographic Tracking, Swastikas, and the Rise of Hate Crimes in the United States." 


(Applied For)
2016 Innovative Seed Grant, CU-Boulder. “Protyping Software for Iconographic Tracking and Visual Studies.” Spring 2016. (50,000) 

2016 ACLS Digital Extension Grant. “PikTrack: Iconographic Tracking Software for Global Visual Studies.” Spring 2016. ($150,000) 


Recipient, 2013-2014 Humanities Scholarship Enhancement Grant, University of Florida. ($12,000)

Recipient, 2010-2011 Humanities Scholarship Enhancement Grant, University of Florida. ($12,000)


Recipient. 2016 Advancement of Knowledge Award. Issued by the Conference on College Composition and Communication.

 2016 Research Impact Award. Issued by the Conference on College Composition and Communication.

2011 Theros Enos Anniversary Award for Co-authored Article "Octalog III: The Politics of Historiography in 2010. Issued by Rhetoric Review Editorial Board.

invited talks

Keynote Speaker. 
Watson Symposium and Conference. Louisville, KY. October 2017 and 2018.

Distinguished Speaker. "Doing Digital Visual Studies." Digital Writing and Research Lab Speaker Series. University of Texas, Austin. February, 2017.

Distinguished Speaker.
"Doing Transnational Circulation Studies." Hosted by RSA Student Chapter. English Department. University of Irvine. February, 2017. 

Featured Presenter.
"Doing Visual Research in the Digital Age." 50th Anniversary Dartmouth Conference on College Writing. Dartmouth, MA. August, 2016.

Keynote Speaker. 
“Complicating the Boundaries of Composition and Cultural Rhetoric through Innovative Research.” CCR Spring Writing Retreat. Syracuse University, Spring 2016.

Colloquia Presenter.
“Visualizing Obama Hope: Visual Rhetoric, Data Viz, and Circulation.” Department of Communication. November, 2015.

Guest Lecturer.
"Distant Reading Methods in an Age of Electracy." In "Envisioning Digital Futures," a 4000/5000 level course taught by John Tinnell at the University of Colorado, Denver, Fall 2015.

Plenary Speaker.
"Visual Rhetoric, Circulation, and Remix in the Digital Age." International Conference on Language, Literature, and Culture. Institute of Advanced Studies in English. Pune, India, December 2014. 

“Implicit Assumptions, Methodology, and the Digital Humanities.” Digital Humanities Brown Bag. Smathers Library University of Florida. March, 2012.

“Conception, Contraception and Contemporary U.S. Politics.” Brown Bag. Women’s Studies Association. March, 2012.

conference activity


“Catalyzing Hope: Visual Rhetoric, Affect, and Community Activism. Presenter. International Communication Association Conference. Fukuoka, Japan. June 2016.

 "Researching Remix as a Transnational Political Practice." Presenter. Writing Research Across Borders III. Paris, France. February 2014. 

NATIONAL (select)

"Murder Maps: Data Visualizations and the Fight against Police Brutality." Presenter. International Communication Association Conference. San Diego, CA. May 2017. 

"Poetic Images, Poetry Stands, and Precarity." Presenter.  67th Annual Conference on College Composition and Communication. Portland, OR. March 2017. 

"Circulation, Data Viz, and Visual Rhetoric." Panel Member.
17th Biennial Rhetoric Society of America Conference, Atlanta, GA. May 2016.

Making Writing Circulate, Making Writing Matter: A Pedagogy of Doing." Presenter. 66th Annual Conference on College Composition and Communication. Houston, TX. March 2016.

 "Provocations, Rhetoric, and Visualizations." Panel Member. HASTAC 2015. East Lansing, MI. May 2015.

 "Situating Circulation Studies in Writing Curricula." Presenter. 66th Annual Conference on College Composition and CommunicationTampa, FL. March 2015.

 "Visualizing Hope: Making Data Visualizations and Becoming Data Literate." Presenter. 2015 MLA Convention. Vancouver, British Columbia. January 2015.

 "Bruno Latour and Rhetoric." Video Presentation. Roundtable. 16th Biennial Rhetoric Society of America Conference, San Antonio, TX. May 2014.

 "Writing and/as Design: Identity Events in the Margins." Respondent. 64th Annual Conference on College Composition and Communication. Las Vegas, NV. March 2013.

 "Networked Relations: New Materialist Contributions to the Digital Humanities." Presenter. Networked Humanities: From Within and Without the University. Lexington, KY. February 2013.

 "Circulation, Obama Hope, and Reframed (Dis)Identifications." Presenter. 15th Biennial Rhetoric Society of America Conference, Philadelphia, PA. May 2012.

 "The Materiality Effect." Computers and Writing Conference. Presenter. Raleigh, NC. May 2012.

“Obama Zombies, Political Anxieties, and Reframing (Dis)Identifications." Presenter. 9th Annual Conference on Comics and Graphic Novels. The University of Florida. April 2012.

 "Iconographic Tracking: A Digital Research Method for Circulation Studies."  
 Computers and Writing ConferencePresenter. Ann Arbor, MI. May 2011.

 "We have taken a Material Turn: The Emergence of Consequence in Rhetorical Studies." 62nd Annual Conference on College Composition and Communication. Atlanta, GA. April 2011.

 "Resuscitating the Temporal in Rhetorical Theory and History: What's Time got to do with it?" 61st Annual Conference on College Composition and Communication. Louisville, KY. March 2010.


"Rhetorical Biography of Things." Presenter. 2013 Western States Rhetoric and Literacy Conference. Salt Lake City, Utah, 2013.

"Circulation and Ecologies." Think Tank Speaker Speaker. Community Writing Conference. University of Colorado, Boulder, Co. October 2017. 

"Editor's Roundtable." Presenter. Community Writing Conference. University of Colorado, Boulder, CO. October 2015. 

 "Digital Pedagogy Roundtable." Moderator.
2011 EGO Conference. University of Florida, Gainesville, FL, 
October 2011.

Select Workshops

"Iconographic Tracking: A Digital Research Method for Circulation Studies." Workshop Leader. 2017 ATTW (Association of Teachers of Technical Writing) Conference. Portland, OR. March 2017.

"Extended Sound Studies Workshop." Co-led with Mikey Goldenberg and Petger Schaberg. Program for Writing and Rhetoric. CU-Boulder. January-February, 2017.

“Composing and Publishing Digital Scholarship." Co-led with Cheryl Ball, Chris Friend, Doug Eyman, Kristine Blair, Megan Adams, Elizabeth Fleitz, and Moe Folk. Computers and Writing Conference. Rochester, NY. May 2016

“Getting Published in Rhetoric and Composition." Composition and Cultural Rhetoric Program.
Syracuse University, Spring 2016.

“Sound Studies, Podcasts, and Writing for Radio.” Summer Seminar. Co-led with Mikey Goldenberg. Program of Writing and Rhetoric, CU-Boulder, Spring 2016.

"Augmented Reality as Critical Media Practice and Inventive Pedagogy." Co-led with Amir Baradaran and John Tinnell. The WRITE Lab. CU-Boulder, Spring 2016.

"Iconographic Tracking: A Digital Research Method for Studying Discourse in Motion." Winter School in Digital Humanities. Institute of Advanced Studies in Engish. Pune, India. December, 2014. 

Select teaching


Visual Rhetoric and Methodologies
Writing Theories and Practices
Writing, Theory, and New Materialism
Digital Inquiry in Writing Studies
Studies of Discourse and Circulation


Postcolonial Visual Culture Studies
African American Women’s Rhetorics
African American Rhetorics of Masculinity
Religion, Spirituality, and Visual Culture


Senior Seminar in Visual Rhetoric
Digital Story Telling
Writing about the Environment
Feminist Theories of Writing
Public Culture, Writing, and (Viral) Circulation
Geopolitics of Writing, Knowledge, and Resistance
Argument & New Media 
Visual Rhetorics of War
Campaign Rhetorics 
Into the Blogosphere
Writing, Research, and Geosemiotics


Chair, M.A. Thesis Committee (3 Completed) 2012-2015
, M.A. Thesis Committee (5 Completed) 2013-present
Member, M.F.A. Thesis Committee (2 Completed) 2013-2014
PhD Dissertation Committee (9 Completed, 6 In-progress) 2010-present

, Honors Thesis, (1 Completed) 2012
Reader, Honors Thesis (1 Completed) 2012
Mentor, University Scholars Program (2) 2012-2013
Mentor, University Minority Mentor Program, 2012-2013

academic service

Managing Editor, enculturation, Spring 2015-present
Copy Editor, enculturation, Spring 2013-Fall 2015
Editorial Board Member, Trace, Spring 2015 - present

Penn State University Press, Monograph, Spring 2016
CCC, Spring 2016
Composition Studies
, Fall 2016.
Routledge, Monograph, Fall 2015
Philosophy and Rhetoric, Article, Summer 2015
ImageText, Article Review, Spring 2015 and Spring 2013
Bedfords/St. Martin’s, Book, Spring 2013
Research in the Teaching of English, Article, Spring 2011

Member of Advancement of Knowledge Award Committee. CCCC, Summer - Fall 2016.

Member of Digital Humanities Working Group, University of Colorado-Boulder, Fall 2015-present

Co-Chair of Research Data Advisory Committee,
University of Colorado, Boulder, Spring 2016-present

Member of Research Data Advisory Committee,
University of Colorado, Boulder, Fall 2015-Fall 2016 

Member of CCCC Committee on Status of Women in the Profession,
CCCC, 2013 – 2015

Member of Digital Humanities Working Group,
University of Florida, Fall 2011-Spring 2015 

Member of Digital Humanities Certificate Group,
University of Florida, Summer 2014-Spring 2015 

Member of Search Committee for UWP Writing Director,
2013, CLAS, University of Florida

Member of Graduate Studies Committee
, 2012 – 2015, Department of English, University of Florida

Member of Ad Hoc Assessment Committee,
2012 – 2015, Department of English, University of Florida 

Member of Faculty Council,
2011-2012, Department of English, University of Florida

Member of Selection Committee for Humanities Scholarship Enhancement Fund,
CLAS, University of Florida, 2011-2012

Member of General Education Committee
2010-2011, Department of English, University of Florida


Visual Expert. International Communication Association Young Scholars Conference. San Diego, CA. May 2017.

Visual Expert. International Communication Association Young Scholars Conference. 
Fukuoka, Japan. June 2016.

Editors Round Table
 66th, 65th Annual Conference on College Composition and CommunicationSpring 2017, 2016 and 2015.

Proposal Reviewer.
2016 and 2017 Conference of the International Communication Association, Visual Communication Division, Fall 2015 and Fall 2016.

Proposal Reviewer
. 2016 Rhetoric Society of America Conference,
Fall 2015.

Proposal Reviewer
. 2014 NCTE Annual Convention, Fall 2014. 

Research Network Forum Discussion Leader.
64th Annual Conference on College Composition and Communication, Spring 2013.

Stage 1 Proposal Reviewer. 
62nd Annual Conference on College Composition and Communication, Summer 2011.

technology proficiencies

Operating Systems:
OSX, Windows
Courseware: Blackboard, Sakai
General: OpenOffice and MS Office Suite, Google Doc
Presentations: PowerPoint, KeyNote, Prezia, SlideShare, iMovie
Concept Mapping: Mindjet Mindmanager,
Blogging Platforms: WordPress, Blogger
RSS/feed aggregation: Bloglines, Google Reader
Wiki Platforms: Wikispaces
Sketching Software: Google Sketchup
Images: PhotoShop, iPhoto, Picasa, Flickr
Sound: Garageband, Audacity


Rhetoric Society of America, RSA
Conference on College Composition and Communication, CCCC
National Council of Teachers of English, NCTE
Modern Language Association, MLA
International Communication Association, ICA