Conceptual Sketches

Artist Statement

Technologies are material artifacts  we enter into various relationships with to achieve various goals. Technologies are not neutral; in their various relations with human and nonhuman entities, technologies play an active role in shaping how we perceive, interpret,and understand the world around us. Once unleashed into the world, technologies also become vital actants on their own accord. As such, technologies have the potential to shape human intensions and actions as well as other material consequences. As human beings intra-act with technologies, they mutually constitute each other.  This reality is the foundation of our postphenomenological world.

The conceptual sketches on display below are personal expressions crafted in Google Sketch. These sketches help me think visually through complex ideas; they are pictures that both (re)present theory and (re)present my scholarly self. Once on display, these sketches take on an aesthetic value--conceived as art by some, mere doodles by others, conceptual sketches by me. They also take on educational value when I share them with students as models for how they might use visual play to wrestle with complex texts. Like any material artifact, then, the functions and values of these sketches change in and across various contexts.